Pinball machines are great recreation machines that can help you pass the time, or enjoy bonding moments with friends and family. This humble machine, though, can do more than just look amazing at your living room corner.

There are several ways for you to make the best out of your pinball machine and enjoy it to the fullest:

Ways to enjoy your pinball machine

Pinball Party

You and some of your friends who are also proud owners of a pinball machine can come together and have huge pinball party. You can all admire the mechanics of each of your pinball, compare specs, and give tips on pinball maintenance, improvement, and customization of your pinball machine.

Host a Mini Tournament

Pinball machines in Sydney are excellent for tournaments. You can use your own pinball machine and put in some challenging adjustments like increasing sensitivity of the tilt sensor. Offer some amazing prices and special awards when players got through a secret mode that you’ve set up in your pinball machine. Make sure, though, that you employ professional pinball technicians when making some changes in your pinball machine so that you won’t have any issues about broken misaligned or missing parts.

Beat the Score

Set up a score to beat and challenge your friends and families to try their luck in getting a higher score. Make it a no-holds-barred type of game so that you can all see what kind of crazy antics each of you will be doing in order to beat the highscore and claim victory over the machine. You’ll be surprised over how insane your contestants will be, and you may even get a few techniques that you could use on your game.

The Blindfold Challenge

We all know that you need to see the machine in order to let it know who’s the boss, right? Why not try and see which one of you has the better feel of their pinball machine by playing a round or two of Blind Pinball? It’s going to be near impossible, but it will be a great way to hone your other senses like your hearing and touch that can help you drive the pinball to its limits.

The Handicap Challenge

Similar to the Blindfold Challenge, but you will be creating certain handicaps based on what the player is going to draw from a hat. Handicaps can include playing with just one foot only, a hand is bandaged, or with arms tied around the torso to limit motion.

Your imagination is your limit when it comes enjoying your pinball. Parties, tournaments, game challenges, and more can help you appreciate your pinball machine more and get to know it better. Different styles of pinball machines offer different levels of fun and enjoyment. Take a closer look at your pinball machine and you will know exactly what you can do in order to make playing a lot more fun, engaging, and challenging for everyone.