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The Hobbit Standard Edition is based on the acclaimed fantasy film trilogy and is quickly becoming a favorite among seasoned players, collectors and newcomers.

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Based on its popular namesake, Jersey Jack brings to game lovers, The Hobbit pinball machine.

Bringing back the fun and putting more excitement to pinball machine game, The Hobbit pinball machine is sure to delight and amaze both players and spectators!

Modern elements are added into the timeless pinball machine to achieve an unforgettable gaming experience.

The Hobbit Special Edition Pinball Machine Features:

  • 27” HD LCD Display for full color custom animation
  • Standard stainless steel spring-loaded metal lockdown bar and side armor
  • RGB-LED Lighting for playing field
  • Super-White LED GI Lighting
  • Full color digitally printed cabinet and back box artwork
  • 2.1 Digital Audio system
  • Premium-quality Clear Coated Playfield
  • Wide Body
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Wide Body
  • Dimensions: Height: 74.25″, Width: 29″, Depth: 52″
  • 27″ HD LCD Display featuring full color custom animation, movie clips.
  • RGB-LED Playfield Lighting
  • 7 Speaker 2.1 Digital Audio system
  • Stereo Headphone Jack with Volume Controls
  • Standard stainless steel spring-loaded metal lockdown bar and side armor
  • Weight: 351 lbs
  • Premium Clear Coated Playfield

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