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The Hobbit Black Arrow Special Edition is named after the arrow that defeats Smaug in the acclaimed fantasy film trilogy, and is a playable work of art that is destined to be a classic. Special features include Black Arrow attract mode animation, Black Ink body armor, black captive ball, black flipper bats and so much more.

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Out of stock



  • 11 patent-pending drop targets in 3 separate banks
  • First-ever inclined loop shot
  • Dual ramp entrances for Gandar and Bilbo Baggins” made of steel
  • Enemies Warg, Spider, Orc, and Goblin, pop-up from under the playfield ready for battle
  • Gold Smauf Character
  • Unique Hobbit’ Black Arrow Edition attract mode animation
  • Black Flipper Bats and Black Rubber Rings
  • Multi-layer risk and reward system
  • 1 Black Captive Ball
  • Multiple skill shots from the ball plunger lane
  • Wide Body
  • Dimensions: Height: 74.25″, Width: 29″, Depth: 52″
  • 27″ HD LCD display featuring full color custom animation, movie clips.
  • RGB-LED playfield lighting
  • 7 Speaker 2.1 digital audio system
  • Black Ink color Body Armor and Legs
  • Premium clear coated playfield
  • Shaker motor
  • Weight: 351 lbs

Game Sheet

Rules Flowchart

DI Manual Ver 3.1

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