Now that you have purchased one of the best pinball machines in Sydney, it’s your responsibility as an avid and serious pinball player to maintain your awesome machine to keep it running smoothly. Here are some pinball maintenance tips that are easy to follow for a clean and efficient pinball machine.

*Note: It’s very important to remember to turn off the machine before doing any maintenance activities.

Always Clean Your Pinball Machine

Regular cleaning will keep your pinball machine sparkly, shiny, and smooth. Use only recommended cleaners according to the age of your pinball. For machines manufactured within the last five years, Novus #2 plastic polish can be used. Of older models with bare paint playfields, Wildcat 125 or Mills Wax will do.

Clean the playfield by removing the glass, ramps, habitrails, balls, and mini-playfields as well as any other parts that can interfere with cleaning. It would be good to take a picture of your pinball machine before you do so. Lift it up and check for loose screws and nuts, and check also for any burnt out bulbs.

Once everything is checked, lower the playfield and clean it using a circular motion. Always apply wax and cleaners directly on the pad and make sure that you don’t put too much wax on, especially in places where it can be hard to remove. Remember to also clean the flippers along with your cleaning session.

Clean and Replace Balls

Your balls will determine the lifespan of your playfield. Clean them regularly with diluted glass cleaner, and check for any cracks or marks that can scratch the playfield. Any ball that has lost its smooth, even surface should be replaced in order to prevent damaging your playfield.

Tighten Screws, Replace Bulbs

Once you are ready to assemble the machine, get everything together, replace burnt out bulbs, and secure screws. Put everything back exactly the way as you have removed them, making sure that you do not interchange any pinball machine parts. Play a test game and check if there are still some bulbs that need to be replaced, and if there are parts that are not properly re-attached.

Never Fix The Machine Yourself

If your machine is broken, don’t fix it. Seriously. There are a lot of pinball owners who think that they can do their own DIY pinball repair, only ending up further damaging the machine. If something doesn’t seem right, ask an expert pinball technician for help so that they can do the proper repairs necessary.

Always Inspect After Moving

Motion can cause parts to get loose or stuck. Carefully check your pinball for anything out of the ordinary before you power it on. Once you turn on the power and something is wrong, it will be very hard to correct the damage. Always keep a sharp eye out and listen to your instincts.

Pinball maintenance may be a bit daunting at first, considering all the parts and wires attached to your machine. However, once you get your rhythm in maintaining it, the process will go through smoothly like clockwork, and your pinball machine will stay running as good as new no matter how often you play with it.