Arts also serve as an important element for gaming, as it defines the nature and identity of the game itself. Furthermore, art on pinball games tries to create an excitement infused in the concept of games, rather than what you see on typical walls of the art galleries.

In pinball machines, the crowd-pleasing art is usually featured in the backglass. A backglass in a pinball machine is the glass panel within the front of the box, displaying the game’s title and game-themed illustration. It is an actual glass with the artwork printed on it. On the other hand, a translite is a translucent substrate containing the artwork of the game.

There are tons of artistic references in relation to the pinball game’s design and theme. Pinball machines showcase different backglass arts such as pop culture, blockbuster movies, rock and metal bands, cartoons, futuristic, superheroes, medieval fantasy, and even “sexy” art to heat up the fun of a pinball game.

Evidently, boys play pinball the most rather than girls. That’s why most of the pinball machine’s art consists of genres suited for boys. Marketers of pinball machines used the “fantasies” of adult guys, and associated these pinball backglasses with some alluring art.

Just in case you’re wondering about pinball backglass arts, Pinball Sales Australia,  has prepared an infographic to present you the Top 10 Sexiest Pinball Backglass Art.



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