Anatomy of a Pinball Machine: Pinball Parts and Terminologies to Know


Have you heard of flippers, bumpers, bash toy and plunger? If yes, you probably have met a pinball player or read something about this game. These are parts of the pinball machine. Everyone who’s familiar with the game knows these terms like the back of their hands. Pinball as a classic game is unique and [...]

Anatomy of a Pinball Machine: Pinball Parts and Terminologies to Know2017-03-10T02:05:38+00:00

[INFOGRAPHIC] The 10 Commandments of Pinball Repair and Maintenance


Pinball machines have been part of the vintage arcade gaming culture. These are highly appraised arcade game so whether you have already one as part of your collection or plan to resell it, it is an owner’s responsibility to keep your machines in good shape. Pinball repair and maintenance is a crucial. Aside from being [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] The 10 Commandments of Pinball Repair and Maintenance2020-07-06T01:00:36+00:00

[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 10 Sexiest Pinball Backglass Art


Arts also serve as an important element for gaming, as it defines the nature and identity of the game itself. Furthermore, art on pinball games tries to create an excitement infused in the concept of games, rather than what you see on typical walls of the art galleries. In pinball machines, the crowd-pleasing art is [...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 9 Weirdest Pinball Machine Designs


Over the years, pinball machines have been greatly innovated and tweaked to heighten the excitement to the classic gaming fun. Hence, the history’s most mechanical video game console is not closing its doors for evolution. Changes have varied depending on how the creator wanted to hype up the game: doubling the number of flippers, putting [...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 25 Pinball Machines Ever Made


Pinball is one of the old classics in gaming history. Almost everyone knows how to play pinball and have probably enjoyed a pinball game at some point of our childhood. We’ll never forget the fun when the steel ball bounces off every complex corner of the machine and lights them up. When the steel ball [...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Guide for Pinball Machines


Interested to buy pinball machines in Australia but can’t choose or don’t know where to start because of the wide range of options available in the market today? Don’t fret because we have created an infographic guide on how to make your most awaited Pinball machine purchase worth every penny. From the theme to features [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Guide for Pinball Machines2017-09-19T02:07:29+00:00

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