Prepare your quarters this year as the master of shock rock is coming out to be featured in a Pinball game, “Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle”. Spooky Pinball is set to release its latest addition to the roster of rock-inspired pinball following the release of a pinball game featuring Rob Zombies’ “Spookshow International”. Although the company is still yet to announce the release date, progress in the game development is already in its advanced stage.

The pinball game will feature Alice Cooper’s classic and modern music to its “awesome spooky monster-filled adventure game”. To top it all off, the game will also feature music by Piggy D of Rob Zombie and artwork from comics artist Jeff Zornow.

Alice Cooper is all excited for this project: “The speed, the chaos, the mayhem, the brutality of that ball flying around out of control makes me happy! That’s why I’m excited to announce I’m finally getting my own pinball machine. I know you’ll like it because it’s all about me; my songs, my voice, my world — it’s all about me!”

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