Actor and Director Bill Paxton died on February 25 at age 61 from a complication following a delicate heart surgery. While there could be a number of tributes for him, the 2010 pinball machine could be one that’s incredibly unique.

The Bill Paxton Pinball was created from scratch by Benjamin Heckendorn. It features some of the notable works and starring roles of the actor like Titanic, Club Dread and True Lies. According to Heckendorn’s website, it took him five years to fully complete the project.

The toys and artworks included in the pinball machine are all inspired by the film-life of Bill Paxton. The side artworks showcases the wives in Big Love, and a Moon. Toys include the 1959 Corvette the actor drove in the film True Lies. The prominent artwork on the playfield is Britney Daniel from Club Dread wearing the Heart of the Ocean necklace from the blockbuster film Titanic.

The pinball machine, although not mass produced, was bought by SS Billiards in Minnesota and is available for play today.

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