A couple in Fernandina Beach, Florida are opening a Pinball Museum out of their love for the machines. The museum opened in October 2016 with more than a dozen collection which some dates back to more than half a century.

Mr. Trickett with his wife started with only a handful of machines back in the day, but then it grew until they decided to turn it into a business. “We ended up with four or five in the den, then we ended up with some more in the living room, then we ended up with some more in the garage,” Mr. Trinckett said.

His wife, Jessie thought that their house can no longer accommodate their collection. She feared pinballs would fill up their spaces, so they thought of doing something. Then, came the idea of putting up a museum.

Aside from doing business, they were motivated to establish the museum in order to revive the people’s enthusiasm for the game.

Their collection is a combination of old and new, clas2sic and modern. They have the recent Game of Thrones machine and the classic 1964 “Guy Dolls” machine. The fund that they earn is expected to purchase more machines to add to their collection.

To learn more about the museum, visit their facebook page.