In the latest newsletter of Stern Pinball, they announced the much-awaited home release of Ghostbusters Pinball game. The licensed pinball game will be hitting the game stores as it is already in its “final stages of development.” Robert Workman of WWG forecasts that the game will be released during the summer and figure the price to be around $4.99-9.99 range like other premium tables in the game.

What to Expect from the Ghostbusters Pinball Game

Ghostbusters will be joining pinball tables like Star Trek, Mustang and Avengers in Stern Pinball Arcade. Flipper fans can enjoy this game in a number of platforms e.g Gear VR, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and even smartphone App. The company will also kick off the debut of Midway’s classic Paragon.

Gamers can expect an exciting and thrilling gameplay experience in Ghostbusters. The pinball game features scenes from the past movies of the franchise. Along with that is the voiceover of Ernie Hudson, one of the celebrities who appeared in the series, that will surely up the game experience.

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