The recent years of Pinball making abounds with adaptations of popular TV shows, blockbuster films and big hit rock bands. Practically, because it is much easier to sell the machine with a readily available market of fans.

However in the 80’s and 90’s during the years of legendary Pinball Machines, the game design doesn’t have to be an adaptation of films or shows just to become popular among pinball players. It was the period when pinball creators gambled to create Pinball with original themes–a gamble that during that time was just too risky. As Pat Lawlor said, “if players don’t get what you are trying to convey, you’ve just wasted several years of your life.”

It was during this time when the legendary Pinball designer, Pat Lawlor took the risk in creating the Dialed In Pinball Machine. A game with original themes and design. It is Mr. Lawlor’s first original pinball in the past decade and as everyone anticipated, it became an instant big hit!

Jersey Jack Pinball’s website crashed due to a massive influx of orders after the release of ‘Dialed In’ was announced.

The legendary creator released this brand new pinball at the 32nd Annual Pinball Expo 2016. The machine was magnificent in many ways. Indeed as will be discussed, it revolutionised the game of Pinball with its technologically advanced features.

In this article we will cover all the things that you need to know about this masterpiece. But first, let’s give the spotlight to Mr. Lawlor.

About The creator and illustrator

Pat Lawlor is a legendary Pinball designer who created Dialed In–a magnificent game that revolutionises Pinball in many ways. He started pinball designing in 1987 and since then produced 18 games including the historic best selling The Addams Family (1992), “Roadshow”, “Twilight Zone” and “FunHouse”.

The creative mind behind the backglass illustrations is John Youssi. He started in arcade game designs in 1988 and became a sought-after illustrator in a number of pinballs. He illustrated machines like Whirlwind, White Water, Tron Legacy and John Mnemonic. His team up with Pat Lawlor has been proven a best match after they created The Addams Family (1992). Together the two made another historic pinball in Dialed In.

The Dialed in Pinball Machine: Specs and Gameplay

The Dialed In pinball machine offers a unique gameplay experience for players, thanks to its special features that include NFC connection that enables smartphone control.

Here’s a rundown of its specs:

Special Features

  • 27″ HD LCD featuring full color custom animation & visual integration of game features
  • RGB-LED playfield lighting
  • Stereo headphone jack with independent user adjustable volume controls
  • 5 Speaker 2.1 stereo surround system
  • Quantum haze clear coat body armor
  • Glare reducing INVISIGLASS ™
  • Shaker motor
  • NFC Connection to control the flippers with a smartphone
  • Holographic target

The Game Play

Dialed In comes in three versions: the Standard, Limited and Collector’s Edition and each one features bluetooth & smartphone connectivity plus camera–the first in Pinball history.

The game is manufactured by Jersey Jack Pinball Machines and like other JJPM it is packed with high-tech hardwares, including:

  • 27” HD screen
  • Headphone input 2.1 stereo surround system
  • RGB LED lights on the playfield

The Limited edition is released in 2500 units only. On top of Standard, the limited edition features a signed game certificate, ant-glare InvisiGlass and lighted ramps. And for those who can splurge, the collector’s edition comes with mirrored back panels, special collector’s plaque signed by the legendary designer, Pat Lawlor, Jack Guarnieri and John Youssi, plus a signed comic book of the game.

Dialed In’s different gameplay modes can unlock features like the 3D interactive hologram, an animated robot, trapdoor, 3 flying drones and 5 magnets. Many comment that the game resembles that of SimCity, only that this game is under a catastrophe and your goal is to save the city. The playfield is packed with toys and characters that raise the gameplay experience.

The game is even more filled with adrenalin-pumping experience as players watch their city in action on the big screen. There is even a “broadcast” by an action news channel that heightens the thrill. For a more competitive game, you can activate the multiplayer mode by placing your smartphone on down on the glass. And together as you play, the built-in camera can capture your game face.


The machine will be available in summer 2017 with the collector’s edition priced at US$12,500 and the limited edition at $9,000.

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