Legendary Pinball designer Pat Lawlor unveiled Dialed In, his newest creation in the past decade at the 32nd Annual Pinball Expo. Pat Lawlor has been designing pinball machines since 1987. He became widely known for his mega-hit designs like The Addams Family, Twilight Zone and Earthshaker.

A limited edition version and collector’s edition of the pin game will be built by Jersey Jack with a selling price of  US$9,000 and US$12,500 respectively.

The artwork featured in the Dialed In is illustrated by John Youssi. It features HD LCD screen, player controlled audio jack and bluetooth connection to play with the player’s smartphones.

Dialed In is the newest addition to the portfolio of pinball machines that Jersey Jack sports in the market. The other two tables by the manufacturer are the Wizard of Oz and The Hobbit, both available at Pinball Sales Australia.

To watch Dialed In in action click here.