Can you imagine getting the best of both worlds? State of Play, a game developer, has recently released a game app, INKS, that resonates both the traditional and modern-day gaming.

INKS is a brainchild of pinball enthusiasts with the intent of creating a convenient alternative to play the time-honored arcade game. The app enables its players to play the age-old arcade game at your fingertips. No need to rush to the nearest arcade store to flip those balls. The design aesthetic of the game offers a real physical pinball table for an authentic gameplay. However, the game deviates from the classic gameplay of the machine. Instead, every time the ball smashes the obstacles, different colors bursts out from all sides allowing its players to play while creating a masterpiece.

INKS offers a wide array of pinball tables and game levels to encourage players to develop distinct pieces of art. Pinball players can also show off their masterpieces in various social media platforms and print them out to display.

INKS is priced at at $1.99 and is currently available for iOS users.

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