Bethesda just released the news that it is partnering with Zen Studios for Bethesda Pinball. Zen Studios is popularly known as the developer behind pinball tables such as Star Wars and the Walking Dead. They are going to turn gamer’s favorites–Fallout, Doom and Elder Scrolls into Pinball tables.

The Fallout table lets you explore a post nuclear wastelands and bunkers, join Factions, loot Vaults and collect vault-tec items, bobbleheads. In Doom, players are going to fight their way to the AUC research facility against Demons, using pinball, until they earn the title DOOM slayer. And the third of the batch of Bethesda Pinball, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim enables players to wield magic, craft weapons, buy and sell goods and complete quests before slayer Alduin.

Zen Studios just released a trailer without a peak to the real tables and gameplay. Each Bethesda pinball features social features among others. They are launching the pingames on December 6th for PC, MAC, Xbox and PS4, while the mobile apps are coming on December 8.

Bethesda Pinball Trailer: