Over the years, teenagers and adults continue to enjoy the fun and excitement brought by pinball and arcade bars.

The loud cheers, boisterous laughters, jamming tune from the arcade machines, and every arcade game add up to creating a very exciting place for all gaming enthusiasts. Moreover, pinball and arcade bars have gone a step ahead of the usual; they now offer a wide collection of classic and modern pinball and video games. Thus, a good way to introduce the art of arcade games and also the extreme fun derived from it.

The Emergence of Pinball Games in Arcades

Baffle Ball and Ballyhoo, the first coin-operated pinball machines have emerged in amusement arcades during the 1930s. These early pinball machines are very different compared to the modern machines you can see in every pinball and arcade bars today. They were made of wood, lacked plungers or lit-up bonus surfaces on the playfield, and used mechanical scoring system.

However, in the mid 1940s to 1970s, pinball games were banned in most cities in the United States. Due to the nature of involving chances rather than skills, the game was considered as a form of gambling. Chiefly because flippers were not yet invented until 1947; players just had to tilt and bump the machine in order to control the ball.

Also, lawmakers believed that pinball games are mafia-run racket and the game was just robbing tons of dime from the youth. Despite the ban, designers of pinball machines have continued to operate while manufacturers of pinball machines have created innovations for the industry to survive.

Furthermore, pinball machines continued to rule every arcade bars until the late 1960s. There were new discoveries in the arcade gaming that have been introduced–including digital displays and diverse video game genres. But pinball isn’t closing it’s doors for improvement, that’s why you still enjoy those pinball games sitting in arcade bars up to this date.

World’s Greatest Pinball and Arcade Bars

The culture of gaming continued to develop across the world, boasting different means on how to enjoy these games. Moreover, going to the best arcade bars is the most classic way to satisfy your 8-bit and silverball needs.

If you’ve been wondering where to find the perfect place to play and challenge yourself with pinball games and arcade machines, Pinball Sales Australia has prepared a list of the world’s greatest pinball and arcade bars that are definitely worth the visit:

1. Bartronica (Melbourne, Australia)

Bartronica (Melbourne, Australia)

This arcade bar would be the coolest among the list. Aside from tons of vintage, rare, and fresh pinball machines, Bartronica also offers tasty beers and cocktails for the boozers!

2. Budapest Pinball Museum (Budapest, Hungary)

Budapest Pinball Museum (Budapest, Hungary)

Since it’s a museum, it boasts a number of one hundred thirty vintage pinball machines. Moreover, you also have the chance on all games for free as a part of their interactive exhibit for the visitors. Every flipper fanatic will certainly love the experience!

3. The Old Bar (Melbourne, Australia)

The Old Bar (Melbourne, Australia)

If you want an optimum bar life, this one that doubles as a gig venue and an arcade is perfect for you. The Old Bar is an old school venue for those who want to enjoy pinball gaming, live music, social life, and cold liquor all at once.

4. Silver Ball Planet (Osaka, Japan)

Silver Ball Planet (Osaka, Japan)

For the pinball-obsessed wanderer, Silver Ball Planet is an arcade bar that features dozens of pinball machines, with various choices of vintage and modern pinball games. Once you get hyped, you might suddenly want to spend your whole trip here… you’ve been warned!

5. Denizen Hall (Edmonton, Alberta)

Denizen Hall (Edmonton, Alberta)

Denizen Hall is another bar on our list that combines nightclub, arcade gaming, and pub life. It also has cool game giveaways, tasty eats, and theme nights. Try to visit this arcade bar if you feel like spending your night with pinball games and a dance floor.

6. Forgotten Worlds (Melbourne, Australia)

Forgotten Worlds (Melbourne, Australia)

You don’t want to miss out this one–Forgotten Worlds is an arcade bar that would make you swoon with extreme fun! It offers a wide range of arcade games, movie nights, music, and crafted beverages and beers.

7. High Dive (Brooklyn, New York)

High Dive (Brooklyn, New York)

Pinball machines and arcade games can’t be more awesome without fizzy drinks, free popcorn, and a shady relief! Nestled in the fast-paced city of New York, High Dive is a neo-vintage arcade bar that every arcade enthusiast should check out.

8. Satellite Lounge (Brooklyn, New York)

Satellite Lounge (Brooklyn, New York)

The Brooklyn arcade bar Satellite Lounge features only seven or eight pinball games selection. However, these machines are well-maintained and rotated so every player will enjoy the most out of these games. It features an 80’s vibe and decent beer selection–creating a laid-back atmosphere for endless hours of fun.

9. Ground Kontrol (Portland, Oregon)

Ground Kontrol (Portland, Oregon)

One of the best arcade bars in the United States, Ground Kontrol features over a hundred pinball and arcade games for everyone to enjoy. Moreover, it has a full bar and an atmosphere that would boost your socialising skills.

10. Beta Bar (Melbourne, Australia)

Beta Bar (Melbourne, Australia)

Beta Bars features a great selection of custom consoles, card and board games, and video games. This arcade bar is dedicated for gamers to socialise and interact while enjoying the games.

Do you agree with our list of world’s best pinball and arcade bars? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!