A spaceship design, your favourite movie character, Halloween themes. From Star Wars to Super Mario, they have it all!

The Museum of Pinball Banning in California owns the title of being the largest pinball arcade in the world. Opened in 2013, it now houses 600 pinball machines and 300 different arcade games.

The owner of the museum, John Weeks was already collecting these machines since 2004. Some of his famous collections were derived from the novel Hercules, and the oldest is from 1840.  It also includes a range of  “electronic mechanical” machines, as well as those with video game like display. It is also notable that some of the weirdest pinball machine collections and designs can be found in this museum.  

With the museum’s artistic and exciting characteristics, it was awarded by the Guinness Book of World Record for having the most number of people playing pinball at the same time. The museum also held regular pinball competitions attended by 3,500 people for cash prizes.

There are different and more advanced games that came throughout the years, but who can forget the classic pinball games? And for the pinball enthusiast, this is the right place to reminisce those memories.

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