The twelve toys finalists for The Strong’s 2016 National Toy Hall of Fame has been named. Of the thousands of toys nominated, only 12 were chosen as finalists by a committee at Strong.

Among the finalists for the hall of fame includes Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Nerf, Uno and Pinball. The list will be filtered by a national selection advisory committee comprising of experts from various colleges.

Toy’s longevity is not the sole criterion that matters

The induction will commence on November 10, according to “The Strong”–a New York-based museum of toys that is also considered as the world’s largest . Two to three finalists will win the award in November. Strong is looking for iconic toys Strong spokesperson Shane Rhinewald said.

To win the hall of fame, the toy’s longevity is not only that matters. It is expected for a hall of famer to be the toy that influenced “the way toys are designed or played with”, not to mention the learning and creativity it can inspire through playing.

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