There are so many things that can keep a person occupied in this modern world. Computers, smart phones, tablets, and a host of other gadgets just keep people busy for hours on end. However, there’s one vintage game that still lasts even when others have fallen out of circulation, and that is the pinball.

What’s A Pinball?

Pinball is a very old game that started with a wooden playing field set on an angle so that you can roll a ball from the top going down. You have pins that will control the direction of the ball, as well as holes and other blockages that will force you to change the trajectory of the ball in order for the game to continue.

If It’s an Old Game, Why Is It Still Here?

Good question. So many arcade games have come and gone, and yet the pinball still remains? Why? Because it offers so many different challenges of game play! Not only are you challenged physically by pulling on knobs and levers to control the ball, you also need to use your mind to know how to hit the ball so that it will not get stuck in all that obstacles that make the game hard and frustrating at times.

Modern Advancements

The pinball you play now is very different from the pinball that our ancestors used to play, yet it still has that hours of endless game play appeal that it had when it was first created. When old pinball machines used to be purely mechanical, pinball machines in the modern age now come with solid state electronics. Here are a couple of things that have been added to pinball to keep the game enjoyable and fun

Characters and Tricks

Modern pinball machine designers have added a little extra on the board by putting in characters and other tricks that can increase the challenge of playing the game. Hitting a character will give you points, drive the ball to a different direction, or have your game end totally for another round.

Active Bumpers

These additions just bounce the balls away from each other in random places. This creates a harder playfield, driving you to insane heights as you try to figure out how to use them to your advantage.


You have some targets to go for that can increase your points while you keep the ball in the playfield (which is the coated flat wood inside the machine). Stand up targets give you constant points, while drop down targets will drop once hit and will “resurrect” after some time to give you more – or never until you play another round, depending on the game design.


Harry Williams designed the Fliptronics™ in order to help maintain flipper precision, changing the flipper solenoid operation to digital. There’s no more need to worry about premature wear and tear of the flippers as everything is transmitted digitally.

The modern pinball has so much fun and excitement offered to players. Although the game is old school, nothing beats keeping your eye on the ball and watch it give you points after points after points as it hits obstacles. This game can drive you crazy, but conquering it will give you a deep sense of accomplishment as it requires a lot of skill and technique to master.