There are so many apps and computer games popping up every now and then that it’s confusing to know which one to take on and which one to finish. So many varying gameplays, it’s hard to make up your mind on just how to go through it all.

With so many computer games and apps in store, where does pinball stand? Contrary to what you think, the pinball is here to stay, and here are reasons why.


Your apps and computer games will devaluate themselves once you open the package, same goes with consoles. With pinball machines, that is not the case. A well-maintained vintage pinball machine that is in good working condition can still sell for quite a hefty price after several years compared to your electronic consoles and games.


Apps and electronic games can become pretty linear. All you have to do is go with a little muscle and brain memory, and you will know how to conquer a stage. With pinball, you do not have the luxury of planning exactly where you want to go. The ball will take your game wherever it plans to take you, and the best thing that you can do us use all your skills and use your brain to come up with lever combinations and ball probabilities to keep the ball rolling inside the playfield.


Even if the game is done, you can still continue it as if you did not stop. With apps and games, you have to track back and repeat the whole process all over again. With pinball, there’s no repeat. You just continue on and on as if you never stopped, and the only difference is the score on the game.

Constant Strategy

You can beat app games with a single strategy, but that is not the case with pinball. You need to change your tactics every now and then as the physics of the game vary depending on how the ball hits certain parts and obstacles. Pins can make a ball go crazy, while other obstacles can slow down or make the ball go dead. It’s up to you to figure out how to keep the game going through varying combinations of levers, table bumping, and what not.

Yes, there are tutorials on YouTube that can help you figure out how to beat a game, but that strategy may not necessarily work for you. Different people have different ways of playing due to varying degrees of hand and eye coordination, and that’s what makes pinball so enjoyable and so different from your electronic games.

Pinball is more than just a box with balls and flashing lights. It’s a game full of challenge, forcing your mind to coordinate with your body as you hit the ball for one score and another. Although it’s a given that a pinball machine cannot be carried anywhere you would want it compared to your consoles and smart gadgets, the hours of challenge and non-stop fun totally make up for what this gigantor lacks in portability.