The PAPA 20 World Pinball Championship 20 saw a world record this April when a 13 year-old from Colorado became the youngest Pinball World Champion in history. Meet Escher Lefkoff, the 13 year-old pinball prodigy who won the Division A of Professional & Amateur Pinball Association’s world championship.

Escher Lefkoff: The 13 Year-Old Pinball Champ

A son of an avid Pinball player who holds national ranking, Escher defeated an international group of Pinball players hailing from different countries, including the US, Europe and Australia. In the competition, the group of players have to outscore each other in 12 approved pinball machines from varying eras. The pinball machines range from 70s and 80s machines to more modern ones like The Walking Dead.

“Lots of people are good at one era or another, but it’s very difficult to be good at all eras because of the different skill sets and rules,” Adam Lefkoff, father of the champion told the Denver Post. Despite the difficulty, his 13 year-old son was able to showcase his expertise and reign supreme above all of them.

The competing players only had limited attempts to score their best which were converted into 0-100 point system. And in the end, Escher Lefkoff turned out as the winner of the competition, taking home the title and USD 7000 (AUD 9342) in prize money.

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