There are many pinball enthusiasts that are proud about how great it is playing their very own pinball machine. They rave about how easy (or hard) it is to play their machine, and that they are the boss of their very own pinball. It may be very tempting to do some modifications of your own to boast with friends, but there are some pros and cons that you need to think about first when you do so.

Pros of Modifying our Pinball Machine

Better Playfield

There are some pinball machines in Sydney that go overboard when it comes to their playfield. Either you have so little or so much toys, obstacles, targets, bumpers, etc., that can interfere with your gaming experience.  By modifying your pinball machine, you can create a “cleaner” or “leaner” playfield that has a better number of toys and targets, or a playfield that requires more skills for higher scores.

Improved mechanical response

This may be true for old and/or second-hand machines. If mechanical difficulties make playing your pinball machine hard or complicated, you can create some modifications that can provide better machine responses. You can do some upgrade on the handles, flippers, and bumpers so that your old pinball machine can still give you some serious play time like it’s brand new.

Increased/Decreased Difficulty

Just like with console and pc games, there are serious and casual pinball machine players. Casual gamers who like to play pinball for relaxation and stress release would like to have a machine that does not require a lot of concentration and skill to play. Those who are after tournament fame and fortune (or those who would like to pull pranks on friends and families) desire to have a pinball machine that is harder to beat, which can be achieved through some simple or complicated modifications.

Better Aesthetics

Not-so-famous pinball machines don’t have that much buzz when it comes to design. Old, neglected models that are playable but have chipped paint jobs and broken panels are also crying out for some serious artistic attention. Modifying the casing and design can give new life to your pinball machine, and it can come out looking like something so far out that your friends and family will just love to look and play with it for hours.

Cons of Modifying Your Pinball Machine

The risk of damage

You can risk damaging your pinball by making your modification. Accidents can happen, and both amateurs and experts in pinball modification have experienced damaging their pinball machine through modification. Although you can lessen the probability by doing some extensive research and going through your modification slowly and carefully, the possibility of damage is something that you should be ready to face once you remove that very first screw off your pinball machine.

Voiding of Warranty

Newly purchased pinball machines for sale in Sydney all come with a warranty, either provided by the factory/manufacturer, or by the seller. Modifying your machine involves creating changes that are outside the regulations of both, which is why doing so voids any warranty included in your machine.

Decreased Resale Value

Depending on the type of modification that you have created, the changes you have created may either be difficult or cannot be undone. This can greatly affect the resale value of your pinball machine as the craftsmanship of the original maker is lost during the modification. Collectors are after machines that have been kept in its original condition and maintained in excellent condition. They can see as well as feel any type of modification done, which can make them lower their offer for your machine.

Modification is fun and exciting, and can bring new life to your pinball machine. However, it’s best to know what’s going to happen with your pinball machine before attempting to make some modifications of your own. It would be best to consult and hire pinball machine experts when proceeding with proceeding with customizing your machine.