Chicago was once the home to the biggest Pinball machine manufacturers in the world. The Big 4 namely, Gottlieb, Williams, Bally and Stern were all headquartered in Chicago during the heydays of Pinball in the 70s up to 90s. But what once was the home to the four big names in Pinball now houses 1 major manufacturer. The last one standing is Stern.

Popular Mechanics gives us glimpses of what’s inside the last remaining Pinball Machine manufacturer in Chicago in recent article. Peter Rugg who wrote the article mentioned that the downfall of the three manufacturers was due to the rise of video game consoles. Only Stern remained in the industry while boutique manufacturers like Jersey Jack Pinball are on the rise, thanks to the resurgence of Pinball game nowadays.

Stern Pinball is located in the Village of Elk Grove in Chicago. It now employs 300 employees from the first phase of creation up to the shipping of newly created machine. Rugg also covers how Pinball machine is created from finding license to sub-assembly and from concept designing to standard testing.

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