Pinball still remains one of the best pastime of the 21st century. No doubt because, there are innumerable Pinball machines of all sizes, themes and levels of difficulty that could fit every individual preference. As brand new pinball machines can cost you thousands of dollars, in this list we gathered ten of the best Pinball Machines that you can purchase at the low end of the Price: range.

Grab your stashed money and check out this 10 budget Pinball Machines in the market.

1. Johnny Mnemonic Pinball Machine

Price: About AUD 3,000

Johnny Mnemonic | Pinball Machine

Image Source: The Underground of Retronauta

This pinball could be a budget one, but it is not short of being cool and fun to play. You’ll appreciate great sounds and the robotic gloves that lock the ball into a matrix. It features video mode and wizard mode that are both fun and challenging.

2. Marvel Spiderman Brand News

Price: USD 3799

Marvel Spiderman Brand News | Pinball Machine

Image Source: Pinball News

Everybody’s Marvel hero, Marvel Spiderman is an affordable Pinball machine inspired by the Ultimate Spiderman comics. It is complete with features like authentic speech and sound for all the characters, LED display and numerous game play mode based on the events in the comics. What’s exciting about this machine are the action figures of villains Green Goblin, Venom and Sandman.

3. Fire! Pinball Machine

Price: AUD 4,000

Fire! | Pinball Machine

Image Source: Lafayette Pinball League

This Fire! Pinball by Williams is a 1987 Pinball designed by Barry Oursler. It is inspired by the 1871 Great Chicago Fire. It is a great homage to the City of Chicago where most of Pinball were made. The goal of the game is to put out the fire by hitting stand up targets.

4. Pool Sharks

Price: AUD 4,000

Pool Sharks | Pinball Machine

Image Source: Dougwatson Digital

Pool Sharks is a family favorite Pinball machine produced by Midway in 1990. It is inspired by prime billiards theme where you can choose to play 8 or 9 ball game. Your goal in this game is to put down the three sharks.

5. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Price: AUD 4700

Bram Stoker's Dracula | Pinball Machine

Image Source: DeniLworld

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is considered as one of the great Pinball machines and also one of the hardest to play. For such reasons, there is every reason for you to have one. One cool thing that all will surely love about this machine is the floating ball that when hit starts the multi-ball mode.

6. Game of Thrones

Price: AUD 12,000

Game of Thrones | Pinball Machine

Image Source: Pinball News

This Pinball adaptation of HBO’s world-wide sensation is a sure hit for fans. Here, players can choose which house they would like to defend against the other houses (Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Martell or Tyrell). It also has Khaleesi’s fire-breathing dragon which makes the game even more exciting. Priced at 8 thousand, this Limited Edition unit is sure worth every penny.

7. Dr. Who

Price: AUD 3,500

Dr. Who | Pinball Machine

Image Source: Vina Distributing

This Pinball is inspired by Pop culture classic, Dr. Who. It features the original seven “doctors” and each is assigned with a playfield scoring and can be selected as the game progress. The centerpiece of the game is the time expander unit that challenges players to lock the balls and collect targets leading up to multi-ball mode.

8. Playboy

Price: AUD 2,500

Playboy | Pinball Machine

Image Source: Family Arcade

This 2002 upgrade of Playboy Pinball is exceptional for its detailed back glass designs. The manufacturer, Stern, pushes the limits as to add fully nude option in addition to low key topless and non-nude edition. It features drop down tease, opening magazine and unfolding centerfold.

9. Tales from the Crypt

Price: About AUD 2,500

Tales from the Crypt | Pinball Machine

Image Source: Arcade Crusade

Tales from the Crypt is a good starting Pinball machine for beginners. Despite having low key player level, it is famous for its great backglass design and the iconic and often chilling freak laughs. Also, it is a good horror game for anyone.

10. Road Show

Price: About AUD 2,700

Road Show | Pinball Machine

Image Source: Pinball Revolution

This pinball game designed by Pat Lawlor is one of the best pinball machine you could ever have. The Gameroom blog said, ” It is like Pat Lawlor tried to include a cool feature from every game he ever created. I am amazed this game was created as is — there just is so much in it.” It features two talking toy heads and a moving bulldozer target.

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