Pinball is one of the old classics in gaming history. Almost everyone knows how to play pinball and have probably enjoyed a pinball game at some point of our childhood. We’ll never forget the fun when the steel ball bounces off every complex corner of the machine and lights them up. When the steel ball sometimes gets trapped in obstacles, we panic. The mini heart attack from preventing the steel ball fall off the out hole still excites the inner kid in us. You might even have asked your mom to get you a pinball machine for your room!

Though today pinball is not played as much as it was before, the popularity it had gained over the years and its influence to our childhood are undeniable. It is still never hard for us to see why this game has turned some people into pinball enthusiasts and inspired them to collect best and rarest of all pinball machines.

Just in case you’re wondering what are the best pinball machines of all time according to the majority, we’ve rounded them up for you in this infographic by

Top 25 Pinball Machine

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