Ghostbusters is Stern Pinball Arcade’s Next Table!

In the latest newsletter of Stern Pinball, they announced the much-awaited home release of Ghostbusters Pinball game. The licensed pinball game will be hitting the game stores as it is already in its “final stages of development.” Robert Workman of WWG forecasts that the game [...]

7 Best Pinball Game Apps for Android and iOS

In this age of mobile apps, you can certainly experience the thrill and excitement of playing Pinball game from your smartphone which only Pinball machines can offer before. While there is a resurgence of interest in this classic arcade game and many pubs are installing [...]

A Look Inside the Last Pinball Manufacturer in Chicago

Chicago was once the home to the biggest Pinball machine manufacturers in the world. The Big 4 namely, Gottlieb, Williams, Bally and Stern were all headquartered in Chicago during the heydays of Pinball in the 70s up to 90s. But what once was the home [...]


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