The 14th Star Wars Pinball in Zen’s lineup featuring Rogue One was released last January 31 and are now available in PC and consoles including Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows. It was also made available on mobile devices, after two days of being released.

The Star Wars Rogue One follows the most recent Star Wars pinball license released in 2016, the Force Awakens.

Rogue One features characters and scenes lifted from the film, including U-Wing and TIE Striker craft and the villain Orson Kennic. The game centers on a gang of rebels who are on an infiltration mission at the Empire to steal the plans for the Death Star. the gameplay includes challenges like gunning ships, avoiding detection and firefighting.

The most recent releases of Zen Studio were the Bethesda Pinball tables featuring the games Fallout, Doom and Elder Scrolls.

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