Pinball used to be a one-player game and the best you could get is a multi-ball machine in which you could play two or three balls at a time. But an artist upgraded pinball into a two-player game. Cristiana Felgueiras from Get Hands Dirty signed up for the Inventables challenges and made this awesome two-player pinball machine out of scratch.

In her video, she said that the “initial concept was to pick up a popular single-player game and give new meaning by dislodging its solitary purpose turn it into an interaction with another human being.” The result was her 2-Player Pinball Game.

This customized machine is made of colored MDF acrylics, aluminum and plywood. And the setup features an end-to-end gameplay with a slope elevation on the middle so both players can send and receive balls while playing.

You can check out her design and do it yourself by visiting Inventables.

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